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FCC OKs Process For Changing Way ISPs Are Regulated

Telegraphed for weeks, the FCC’s vote on an inquiry into Title II classification of broadband (and other options) came as no surprise. As a result, reaction came thick and quick to the decision.

Ed Markey (D-Mass.), a fan of network neutrality regulations and FCC chairman Julius Genachowski’s so-called “third way” approach to buttressing the agency’s broadband oversight authority, called it a sensible and measured way of “carefully cutting the Gordian knot that has tied up our nation’s broadband networks in regulatory uncertainty since the Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) decision.”

Gigi Sohn, president of network neutrality fan Public Knowledge, said the commission majority had acted with “uncommon courage” calling it a “simple, uncomplicated” move. More details and Comcast’s reaction on Multichannel.