FCC OKs Process For Changing Way ISPs Are Regulated


Credit: Corbis / Tetra

Telegraphed for weeks, the FCC’s vote on an inquiry into Title II classification of broadband (and other options) came as no surprise. As a result, reaction came thick and quick to the decision.

Ed Markey (D-Mass.), a fan of network neutrality regulations and FCC chairman Julius Genachowski’s so-called “third way” approach to buttressing the agency’s broadband oversight authority, called it a sensible and measured way of “carefully cutting the Gordian knot that has tied up our nation’s broadband networks in regulatory uncertainty since the Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) decision.”

Gigi Sohn, president of network neutrality fan Public Knowledge, said the commission majority had acted with “uncommon courage” calling it a “simple, uncomplicated” move. More details and Comcast’s reaction on Multichannel.

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