XPERIA Line Gets New Member, Android 2.1 This Year


Sony Ericsson (s eric) is not sitting back on its XPERIA phone line and watching the Android (s goog) parade go by. The firm unleashed a new member of the line, the X8, and promises upgrades to Android 2.1 for all XPERIA X10 phones this year. The X8 is a small (3-inch) Android handset that focuses on multimedia using Sony’s Timescape and Mediascape applications. It will be available in the third quarter this year in “select markets.”

The rest of the XPERIA line — X10, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro — will all be getting upgraded to Android 2.1 later this year. Version 2.1 is not the latest version of Android that adds notable features to the platform (2.2), but it is a big step up from the version currently shipping on the XPERIA phones. This update will also add HD video recording capabilities to the line for the XPERIA phones that support it.

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