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jkOnTheRun Video: Swype on the HTC EVO 4G

Swype is an alternative keyboard for the Android (s goog) platform that with just a little practice can be the fastest keyboard on the small screen. Text is entered with Swype by “spelling” words by swiping the letters on the keyboard. Swype tracks the movement and determines with eery accuracy the correct word.

In this video demonstration I show a small amount of text being entered with Swype on the HTC EVO 4G. To provide an unobstructed view of the process, I was standing behind and over the camera with the EVO sitting on the table in front of me. The text entry was still accurate and fast, but is even better when used in a normal position holding the phone.

Swype has only been available to very few due to a closed beta, but the company is making it available freely for a few days. Vist the Swype beta web site and get it. You won’t regret it.

24 Responses to “jkOnTheRun Video: Swype on the HTC EVO 4G”

  1. When I switch from the Swype keyboard to the Evo Installed one, my Speech to text says “There is a problem with the audio.” Is there a way, to switch back and forth from Swype to the Normal Input Keyboard, and keep the Speech to text working?

  2. I just heard about Swype for the HTC EVO. I know very little about it though. How do you install it on your phone?? Do you need to download it from your desktop computer or can you do it through the phone itself? I have a mac running OS 10.4.11

    Also, I understand this app is being offered for a limited time? Will it eventually be offered in the Android market? Would appreciate any feedback!

  3. I installed Swype on my EVO and had a strange issue where the Swype application was not allowing my phone to go to sleep. I restarted my EVO and that seemed to clear things up, but it’s a little disconcerting none the less.

    I’ve had a few applications that have had the same issue of not allowing the EVO to sleep (most notably Good For Enterprise) and it’s certainly a little frustrating.

    Anyone else have this issue with Swype ?

  4. My only real complaint would be that it takes away the ability to use the speech-to-text option on the Incredible. Don’t use that a lot, but it is convenient from time to time.

  5. I really hope this becomes available on all phones soon. I saw the demo for it before I got my Incredible and it was one of the first things I tried to install. I was so sad to see that it wasn’t available. But it was definitely worth the wait! I cannot believe how much faster things go on this. And it is pretty creepy how well it can predict what I want, event when I don’t hit any of the correct keys.

  6. I had some errors installing it on my HTC EVO at first. After uninstalling Swype stuff, rebooting phone, and trying again, it worked! It’s quite amazing. I was able to spell the oddest of names, products, and much more without any issues.

  7. Finally managed to get this to work after 3 reboots and an uninstall in between.

    23 screenshots of instructions just to install the thing is a bit much.

    BUT, boy is it worth it in the end?

    Boom! Swype is truely magical and wonderful….. ;-P

  8. I just downloaded Swype to my EVO and it’s amazing. After the beta, how much do you think it will cost to purchase it, or will it be a free add-on?

  9. I tried swype when it was first released to the market months ago, I loved it. Then it expired and was taken off the market. So I searched for other swiping keyboards and came across ShapeWriter. Now that Swype is back, I’m prefering ShapeWriter more. I’ll give Swype a few more days just so I can get used to it. But check out ShapeWriter too.

  10. Brilloin

    how easy is it to go back & correct mistakes?

    swypes momentum really seems to be picking up steam, hopefully more people will preach it to the masses. they alone have done more for text input that Apple ever has.

  11. Scotty

    Oh well. I guess my HTC EVO 4G is lesser than James’s unit. After all the song and dance the second download install tool proclaimed that the install failed. No error code, nothing in the FAQ for my failure. Just don’t install.

    Thank goodness it was free or I’d want my money back! :-)

  12. GoodThings2Life

    I love Swype… Swype is remarkably accurate even if you’re just “close” to the right letters… I have just started and ended on the right letters and haphazardly skimmed over the other letters and had it pick up words like “sweetheart” (which felt like I was scribbling, lol) and “technology” (a series of loops) with near perfect results.

  13. Having installed this onto my Desire to see what all the fuss is about, all I can say is that this is some kind of voodoo!!!

    No matter how inaccurate I am, what I am thinking appears on the screen even though my finger seems to be moving randomly around the screen.


    You have to try this. It really is like magic.

    • GoodThings2Life

      No kidding… as you can see in my post below, I feel like I can just scribble with my finger and have it magically know what I’m thinking! Way more revolutionary that certain other technology I can think of…