Apple Sells Out iPhone 4 Pre-order Units, Despite Hiccups


Likely you watched with a mix of horror and admiration as Apple’s (s aapl) iPhone 4 pre-order kicked off yesterday, nearly bringing down the Internet thanks to the ravenous hunger of the Cupertino faithful. Well, despite the fact that many couldn’t even force Apple or AT&T (s att) to take their money far in advance of the device’s actual release date until much, much later in the day, the iPhone 4 initial pre-order allotment has already sold out.

That means that if you order now, your expected delivery date won’t be the June 24 launch date, but July 2 instead. And that’s a ships by, not a delivers by date. Radio Shack tweeted that they ran out of its initial supply only 90 minutes after it started taking pre-orders. AT&T has temporarily suspended pre-orders for the iPhone 4 at its site, which may have to do with demand, or with claims that AT&T customers were seeing other people’s credit card information upon pre-ordering.

Compare that to last year, when it took nearly five days for AT&T to burn through its pre-order stock, and Apple was still guaranteeing launch day delivery a full week after pre-ordering opened. Plus, the iPhone 3GS launched in more countries initially than the iPhone 4 did.

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The iPhone 4’s launch success will obviously stand as a stark refutation of those who’ve been claiming that iPhone will die in the face of the Android onslaught. AT&T reported to TechCrunch that it received 10 times the pre-order volume for the iPhone 4 than it did for the iPhone 3GS. Presumably that isn’t only return customers, though it would make sense that a lot of the 3G owner crowd that skipped the 3GS would be coming back again now that their contracts are nearly up.

Apple said it was planning on moving three million units per month of the iPhone 4. Does that mean it’s already sold that many worldwide since launch? No, it most definitely does not. Apple has just announced that it took 600,000 pre-orders yesterday, though, which is a very impressive number on its own and promises a very successful launch indeed, since that doesn’t include units being sold in physical retail locations.



You know im starting to wonder…does AT&T restrict Android on its phone network because of the its relations to Apple?

Meh I try to believe that Apple isn’t that bad but they do have a questionable track record. If your not sure about how AT&T restricts Android handsets you should check out the article on it at

It should be the first article there

iPad Weekly

I’m guessing that they had no idea that there would be this many pre-orders, resulting in the fubar that was the pre-order process. I’d probably have jumped on the bandwagon if AT&T served South Dakota

Cold Water

It’s also a nifty way to drum up hype when there’s a lack of it, otherwise.


I hope you aren’t trying to connect the release of a new iPhone with a lack of hype. That’s like trying to connect Chuck Norris and weakness, or baby wipes and a bowling ball – it just doesn’t make any sense.

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