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MySpace Calls For Branding Help In Advance Of Site Relaunch

It’s no secret MySpace could use some help with its image these days, so the News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). social net is putting out a formal call to agencies to help devise a campaign in preparation for its site revamp later this year, AdAge reports. Some of the changes will begin appearing over the next few weeks, culminating with a completely new look as well as an update for MySpace’s logo this fall. The rebranding project is being headed by digital ad vet David Donegan, MySpace’s SVP for marketing. Donegan was hired in May.

While MySpace has often tried to reach out to the business community, it has been fairly quiet on advertising itself to consumers. The most notable consumer push was around the debut of MySpace Music last year. The company spent about $5.1 million to promote it, AdAge notes, citing Kantar Media figures.

MySpace has been working to position itself more as an entertainment company, as opposed to a straight-ahead social network like Facebook. The hope was that even if it was losing ground to Facebook — MySpace monthly uniques have dropped from to 111 from 127 million in April year-over-year, per ComScore (NSDQ: SCOR) — it could bring in a good deal of advertising dollars. While News Corp. doesn’t break out specific numbers, recent earnings reports have shown little to show from those efforts.