TiVo Plugs Into Facebook, Twitter With Framechannel App


Starting today, TiVo (s TIVO) Series3 and TiVo Premiere users will be able to access updates from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr (s YHOO), Digg and other sites through a Framechannel widget, the DVR maker announced on its blog. Support for broadband-connected Series2 TiVos will be added at a later date.

Users will be able to personalize their Framechannel feeds by Zip code and through their accounts on various social networks. Framechannel boasts the availability of over 1000 content channels, and users can also add their own RSS feeds to the mix.

The company started to deliver this type of content to connected picture frames and has since expanded to also serve content on connected TVs, the Roku box and through an iPad (s AAPL) screen saver. Framechannel is an ad-supported service that is free to end users.

However, don’t expect this to bring some sort of interactivity to your TiVo box. Framechannel feeds are essentially slide shows with pictures, status updates and news nuggets. In fact, the Twitter channel only updates every 15 minutes, which seems like an eternity to any dedicated Twitter user. And Framechannel has been available to TiVo users through the third-party Apps.tv platform for a while, but only a few hundred customers made use of the service that way.

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