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Sprint Readies Samsung Galaxy S Pro: 4G and Keyboard

Sprint (s s) is not sitting on its laurels with the EVO 4G smartphone — it is planning to release a second phone on its 4G network later this year. The Samsung Galaxy S Pro is an update to the Galaxy S with some welcome additions: a sliding QWERTY keyboard, super AMOLED screen and the 4G connectivity.

Neither Sprint nor Samsung are willing to share information about this new phone, but photos are already appearing on the web that provide quite a bit of detail. The keyboard has 5 rows of keys and it is expected to ship with Android 2.1. Samsung will put its TouchWiz interface on top of Android as usual. No word on pricing nor availability is available yet.

The Galaxy S Pro would most likely have similar specs to its predecessor, so a 1 GHz processor is likely. The photos also indicate a front-facing camera for video chatting, which is similar to the EVO 4G. The phone looks very nice in the photos, and could be a big winner for Sprint as many customers prefer a physical keyboard.

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4 Responses to “Sprint Readies Samsung Galaxy S Pro: 4G and Keyboard”

  1. Darius

    Has anyone wondered that about that rumored Samsung Moment 2. Could this be it? Will the name “Galaxy S pro change to that”?? Some things to think about aren’t they.

  2. Jack C

    I would guess that the Galaxy S will be the device that pushes gaming on Android forward a few steps. CNET Asia did a 3d benchmark comparison between the Galaxy S, Nexus One, and HTC Desire and the Galaxy S smoked the competition. It has me curious.

  3. I wonder as to the dimensions of this phone, if the keyboard adds a significant amount to bulk to the svelte 10mm thick Galaxy S. I enjoy running with my Pre, but look forward to the larger application suite of Android. I have heard running with the EVO is OK even with its weight, I wonder if this would be tolerable in an armband. I would be perfectly happy with the EVO, but the Super AMOLED and hummingbird processor draw me to the Samsung(not the keyboard surprisingly).

  4. Wow, Sprint really is getting some nice new Android devices at the moment!

    Know Samsung of old though, and their poor legacy support with regard to software updates especially.

    Could this tempt you away from the Evo James?