Google TV: A Video Tour

Google (s GOOG) just published a video tour of its Google TV platform in the company’s typical video tutorial style, complete with mellow music and a stewardess-like voice over, to explain what end users can do with Google TV devices once they go on sale this fall. The video doesn’t show or mention any actual products, but instead spends a lot of time showcasing the UI and various content sources.

It notes the ability to interact with traditional cable programming and schedule recordings on your DVR, then spends a lot of time on the search bar, which offers access to cable programming, local recordings, Netflix (s NFLX) streams and web content. Some of the sites shown include (s CBS),, YouTube, and Twitter.

The video also puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that Google TV will open up the TV to content other than video by featuring and Farmville. Notably absent is, a site that was part of the original demo of Google TV at the company’s developers conference in May. Google said at the time that the platform would technically be capable of playing Hulu videos, but that content owners could make the decision to block it. Hulu has declined to say whether it will be available on Google TV, but has in the past tried to disable platforms capable of playing its content on TV sets.

Google’s demo video doesn’t really contain any new information not mentioned at Google I/O, but it shows off Google TV as a working product — which the company itself was unable to do at Google I/O due to various tech mishaps.