Battery Backs Ex-MySpace Exec with $4 MM


Travis Katz, co-founder, Gogobot.

Gogobot, a company started by Travis Katz, formerly Managing Director (International) at MySpace and Ori Zaltzman, former Chief Architect of Yahoo’s BOSS search offering said that it has raised $4 million in funding from Battery Ventures. Katz, in an email mentioned that the company was keeping wraps on its plans for now but will launch in a few months. “At Gogobot we are setting off to remake the world of planning your trips to make it easy and fun, leveraging the power of your social graph,” Katz wrote. I am not so sure about the name, but idea of a better social online travel experience sounds tantalizing.



Recommendation of items based on social graph is not new.
Integration of social data with travel data is not new either.
So what’s the business case?
Suckers appear stupid every day

Michelle Ngyuin

Looking forward to see what they will come up with.


5,000 quatloos that the Gogobot company will receive a “potential confusion in the marketplace” trademark nastygram from the Google company in the next few weeks if not already.

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