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ITV, C4, Five Also Get Yanked From Zattoo

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First the BBC told Swiss TV re-streamer Zattoo to take down its channels. Then ITV (LSE: ITV), Channel 4 and Five filed in court to have TVCatchUp do the same.

Now, though TVCatchUp has not yet taken down those three channels, Zattoo has, leaving it with none of the main UK channels.

Zattoo countries VP Niklas Brambring tells paidContent:UK: “We have not been in legal disputes with these stations but indeed they asked us to remove the channels. We had offered all stations to enter into negotiations but did not get the chance to talk.”

The move means people who had been using Zattoo‘s application or its website to watch ITV’s World Cup matches must now visit, whose own ITV Live real-time viewing beta was beset by some early connectivity teething troubles for some users.

There are two loopholes for football fans, however – the Scottish and Northern Irish Channel 3 franchisees STV and UTV, which carry ITV material including the World Cup, are each still carried by Zattoo.

The Zattoo application failed to load properly for me when run in the UK today.

Zattoo won’t shed too many tears. The UK has become fairly low priority for the Zurich-based service, which had claimed to be operating legally by re-transmitting UK public service channels as a qualifying service under section 73 of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act.

Brambring said: “We do operate on a legal base which has been confirmed by Queens Council Peter Prescott. However the stations have not accepted it. Since the UK is not among our core markets and a law suit would come with severe time and monetary cost, we chose to avoid it.

“Unfortunately, the result is a smaller choice for users and a strengthening of platforms who unlike us do not operate with a cooperative model.”

Zattoo has effectively been squeezed out by broadcasters choosing to favour simulcasting with video ads on their own sites over open aggregation to third parties. With only S4C, STV and UTV now the main UK channels carried by Zattoo, it’s now focusing on striking formal carriage deals back on the continent.

7 Responses to “ITV, C4, Five Also Get Yanked From Zattoo”

  1. Agreed with Simon and Mark, what private individuals may or may not have done 12 years ago in another life is an obvious vendetta based on cirrcumstantial and irrelevant ranting and has nothing to do with either this article or this publication.

    Its a shame about Zattoo

  2. Agreed with Simon and maybe leaving peoples personal details are a bit below the belt, take it somewhere else.

    Getting back to the subject, it’s a shame that zattoo have pulled out of rebroadcasting in the UK and I only hope that is not a step back in what has been an eye opener for people with free access to TV on-the-go.

  3. Interesting

    Because the same three broadcasters have taken action against both TVCatchup and Zattoo for carrying their content/channels. Both cases are clearly linked and I am sure the TVCatchup situation is more newsworthy in the UK.

  4. Simon Bird

    And this has what to do with 3 broadcasters removing channels from Zattoo?

    You’ve clearly got something against this Mr Parr and that’s fine, but get your own blog or take it up with him. Stop ruining publications that other people like to read.

  5. Interesting

    @Simon Bird: Why is my comment inappropriate? It is obvious from the evidence that Nicholas Parr who founded and attempted to trademark TVCatchup is the one and the same Nicholas Parr who defrauded elderly people and surely that is newsworthy.

    The address Crossways, Manor Road, Seer Green, Buckinghamshire is the same address in both the Care Standards Tribunal report into Nick Parr

    And the attempt to trademark TVCatchup

    It is very obviously the same Nicholas Parr.

    I did not use bad language against anyone, I just reported a fact and linked to credible .gov webpages that support that fact.