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TubeMogul Adds City-Level Analytics

Video advertising and analytics firm TubeMogul is adding a whole new layer to its reporting suite, giving its users the ability to drill down to a city-level view of how videos are performing across their sites. The new reporting features, which are already available through partner publishing platforms today, will also be made available to free users soon.

The ability to view cities, counties and states will allow video publishers — and their advertisers — to better target their content to different geographies. TubeMogul’s new reports include city-level information for not just the number of views, but also time spent watching video, so customers will have a deeper understanding of viewer engagement times for different videos. “It allows you to see where a campaign is resonating the most and why,” TubeMogul spokesperson David Burch said in a phone interview.

TubeMogul’s city-level analytics are already available for its large publishing clients and partners like Brightcove and, which leverage its technology in their video distribution platforms, according to Burch. That’s good news for those firms, which can use TubeMogul’s advanced analytics as a differentiator.

While paying customers have already seen those capabilities in action, the same reporting features will be rolled out to free users of its OneLoad video distribution and tracking service in the next week. According to Burch, TubeMogul has more than 180,000 OneLoad users, who will all have access to this reporting soon.

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