Read It Later Introduces iPad App, "Digest" View

Read It Later, the nifty service that allows you to store blog posts, articles and web pages to read at a later date, has announced the availability of an iPad (s aapl) app, which includes the debut of a “Digest” view, a newspaper-like display of your saved articles and support for video.

Digest works by automatically grouping your saved articles into topics. You can elect to choose your topics from a suggested list based on the articles that you’ve saved, our define your own, resulting in a dynamic, newspaper-like display organized around the topics in which you’re interested.

Like the iPhone app, Read It later for the iPad is available in both Free and $4.99 Pro flavors (see here for a comparison of the two), while the Digest service is a onetime $5 upgrade to existing accounts. The Digest upgrade will also work on the iPhone apps, although it seems to me to be particularly suited for the iPad.

Let us know what you think of the new Read It Later iPad app in the comments.

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