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Pre-order iPhone 4 Tomorrow

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Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest iPhone? Or are you looking to score a $99 iPhone 3GS? AT&T (s att) and Apple (s aapl) have teamed up with Best Buy, Walmart, and even RadioShack to make it all happen just for you. While the official release date of the new iPhone 4 is still June 24, several online stores, as well as brick and mortar retail establishments, will all be taking pre-orders for the new phone starting tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15.

If you find that getting to the closest Apple Store or visiting an AT&T retail store just is not going to be possible tomorrow, try checking out your nearest BestBuy, Walmart or Radio Shack.

Will you be pre-ordering iPhone 4?

12 Responses to “Pre-order iPhone 4 Tomorrow”

  1. AT&T’s site has been up and down and fairly difficult to reach all day. The latest is that they toss up a “system maintenance” page when I try to log on to my account.
    I’d consider ordering through Apple, but I get a reasonable service discount through my wife’s employer and I don’t want to lose that – not to mention I have an unlimited data plan at present that I don’t want to lose either.

    It’s obvious that no one’s website was fully prepared for the onslaught this morning.

    • I was having the same difficulties this morning. Ended up going directly to the AT&T store and after waiting less than forty minutes, was issues a receipt for an iPhone 4 that will ship on the 24th. So far, this is the option I would recommend. Quick, effective and for the most part painless.

  2. i was very dissapointed to find that in the UK the lowest spec iphone 4 will cost £500, thats around $720, to put it in perspective. rip off! looks like ill just upgrade to a 3GS for £180, $265. Can you honestly tell me that the new iphone is worth paying the same as nearly 3 3Gs’s?

    • Yeah, I got an e-mail directly from AT&T claiming that the iPhone 4 was now available or pre-order, but when I logged on to my account to upgrade, the option for iPhone 4 was not there yet. Customer support does not open until 8AM EST.

  3. Any idea of what the best way to order with AT&T? online or by phone? or do you have to go to a retail store? (for existing upgrade eligible customers)

    • I may be going to an AT&T retail store since I want to upgrade both lines on my family plan from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4s. The above link references a Pre-order fact sheet from AT&T that states the following: “AT&T stores will sell one iPhone 4 per person for new customers, and one device per household for new orders placed online. Existing customers may purchase one per eligible telephone number online or through our stores.”