Freeware of the Moment- ShootMe for Android


The Freeware of the Moment today is a simple utility for Android that fills a very specific need. Not everyone may have this need, but those who do will find this app to be very useful. ShootMe is a screen capture tool for Android that is simple to use. When the screen is displayed that you want to capture, you simply shake the phone. You hear a shutter sound and the image is captured to a ShootMe photo album on the phone.

The image quality of the screen captures is very nice, as witnessed in the snaps below of my seven home screens on the HTC EVO 4G. I simply popped up the desired screen, shook the phone and the image was stored. ShootMe is free in the Android Market and once installed it sits in the background waiting for a shake. It takes little resources on the phone and is always at your beck and call, err… shake.

I’ve seen reports that ShootMe also takes an image when you shout at your phone. It supposedly listens for a sudden loud noise and snaps the screen when it hears it. I haven’t tested this, the shake is good enough for me.

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Just wondering how you got the hotspot, and airplane mode widgets from picture 5. I could use that.


The developer says that it works on the unrooted EVO only because of a “security hole” that will probably be plugged in the next OTA firmware update from Sprint.

If they do patch the hole I hope they provide some other way of capturing the screen. As far as I can tell, the only other option, besides rooting your phone, involves installed the Android SDK and using your computer.

Brad Linder

Yeah, basically you need to install the SDK, plug your phone into your computer, run a PC app… it’s all kind of a pain. Or you can root your phone and use ShootMe or a number of other apps.

It’s honestly the only reason I seriously consider rooting my phone every few days. :)

Brad Linder

FYI, ShootMe only works with rooted Android devices… or the HTC Evo for some reason. I’ve tried it on my unrooted Nexus One with no luck.

James Kendrick

That never occurred to me as it simply loaded and works on the EVO. It’s in the Android Market, too, so I wonder what’s the deal?

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