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Tesla at China’s Great Wall: A round-the-world driving Tesla has reached the Great Wall In China. Fitting as electric vehicle makers in China are looking for world domination.

LEED Scientologists: Two things that for some reason just don’t seem to fit: Scientology, the cult-like religion with celebrity spokespeople and LEED-certified buildings. But Scientologists say they will open their first LEED-center later this year.

Microsoft’s PC Energy Saving Tech: PCWorld reports that “Microsoft researchers have slashed desktop energy use with a sleep proxy system that maintains a PC’s network presence even when it is turned off or put into standby mode.” Wonder if that competes with Verdiem.

Walmart Tries Plastic Bag Ban, But Will Public Buy In? TriplePundit reports: “With the proposed assembly bill, AB1998, California is on the verge of a total ban on disposable plastic grocery bags, and a fee on paper bags. If passed, the ban wouldn’t kick in until July, 2011, but Walmart has been doing some test runs on its own.”

Will Obama Call for a Price on Carbon Tomorrow: President Obama will be giving a speech tomorrow night and many are expecting something dramatic on the environmental front in wake of the BP oil spill. Will it be a call for a price on carbon?

Image courtesy of BONGURI’s photostream.

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