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Weekend EcoHack: Random Hacks of Kindness

Random Hacks of Kindness is what I’d want to be doing if I wasn’t a journalist, and I actually had some programming skills. The group, which calls itself “a community of developers, geeks, and tech-savvy do-gooders,” and was founded by Google (s GOOG), Yahoo (s YHOO), Microsoft (s MSFT), NASA, and the World Bank, brings together software developers and disaster relief workers to create software tools that can help during world crises.

The org holds marathon hacking events across the globe and delivers gems like I’mOK!, a mobile app that can be pre-loaded onto a cell phone and with one touch can send out a mass message to a designated list of contacts via text, email, Facebook — as in “I’m OK Mom, don’t worry!”. Or Tweak the Tweet, which is a project that designates tweet hashtags during disasters and then uses those hashtags to track trends around the disaster. To help organize a Random Hacks of Kindness in your area contact them here.

Image courtesy of Jeremy Johnstone Flickr.