Android This Week: Hottest Ticket in Town


Apple may have just officially unveiled the latest and greatest iPhone (s aapl), but Android (s goog) is currently the hottest ticket in town. Dr. Sanjay Jha, CEO of Droid maker Motorola (s mot), said this week that the company would sell more Android phones if it could make more. Verizon has also admitted in the past month that the Incredible was selling faster than handset maker HTC could produce them. And Sprint’s (s s) newest Android phone, the EVO 4G, only hit stores shelves a week ago and is already sold out.

Some reviewers have complained about short battery life on the EVO 4G due to its many hardware components — which includes 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, GPS and two cameras. However, a few simple tips can be employed to stretch the EVO’s battery life so that it lasts as long as that of any smartphone. Most involve changing system settings to insure various system components are only active when needed.

In the meantime, many are wondering how the phone’s features stack up against those of the new iPhone 4. It turns out the two phones have a lot of similarities, among them video chatting using a front-facing camera. And given that the iOS 4 on the new iPhone will handle multitasking, the capability gap between Android and the iPhone has now officially closed.

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