Will webOS Developers Play with HP?


I gave up my Palm (s palm) Pre a week ago when I upgraded to the HTC EVO 4G. I’m not regretting that move but I admit I miss the Pre. The forced withdrawal from the webOS platform has me nostalgic for the user interface on the Pre; I think webOS is the best interface on smartphones. The impending merger of Palm with HP (s hpq) is no doubt a good thing as HP has made it clear it has big plans for webOS. I expect we’ll see tablets and other devices running the OS before long. The webOS platform has lagged behind Android (s goog) and others due to the lack of available apps; that’s the primary problem I had with the Pre. Palm has been working hard with app developers to get them producing apps for the platform, but a big question looms — what will happen after the merger?

Palm has enjoyed a long-time relationship with developers; some would call them fanatical about the company. Yet the number of developers making apps for webOS has not produced a high volume of apps to date, even with many pulling for Palm to succeed. The merger with HP is exactly what Palm needed to survive, yet is bound to impact the effort by developers producing apps for the platform.

Even if HP makes a big effort to keep developers working with webOS, there will be uncertainty about the permanence of such an effort. HP does many things, and the webOS work will be just a tiny piece of its efforts. Who knows how long it would continue? Developers must be thinking about that already.

What if HP decides to take on the advancement of webOS itself? It may not care if developers build apps for webOS or not. That’s not as far-fetched as it may sound — the company’s first Linux netbooks had internally developed interface shells that controlled the user experience. It even prevented access to Linux by users. HP could take the same tack with webOS to simply produce its own gadgets totally “by HP.” In that scenario webOS app development wouldn’t be desired, much less pursued by the company.

One thing is certain — webOS developers must be as concerned as can be about the future of the platform for non-HP developers. That alone may cause some to jump to another platform. They must go where the potential money is.

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Yikes! Not so subtle back handed attacks on webOS. It almost sounded like you parted on friendly terms, but then come the lines that seem to suggest you’re hunting for justification for leaving.
I just dumped my girlfriend, she’s a wonderful lady, and I’ll miss her. The fact that’s she’s a crack whore makes me wonder if she’ll be alive next year. (I don’t feel so bad about my new rich trophy wife now; even though everyone’s had her, and she’s dumb as a dodo.)
You could have easily framed this in a positive/optimistic way, such as the potential for developers to expand their audience to customers of everything from slates, printers, hell, HP toasters even….
So in the mandatory quiet period before the merger/acquisition, people can relax and enjoy what they have, or spread fear, uncertainty and doubt.


Blogs don’t make money if they sit back , “relax and enjoy what they have” :-)


I am confused.

First you write: “HP has made it clear it has big plans for webOS”

and then, a few paragraphs later, you write: “HP does many things, and the webOS work will be just a tiny piece of its efforts. Who knows how long it would continue?”

Which one is it?


well it seems like HP is involved with the newest hot apps competition, giving hundreds of computers away. This to me shows me that they are still eanting developers at a rapid pace. I think it’s a perfect time to develop.


for someone that “loves” webOS so much, every Palm article you write is negative.

Martijn van Gompel

It’s rather unclear what HP wants to do WebOS. Sure they want to install it on printers and the like. But they have been vague and eluding about the smarthphone Side of things. I do expect them to close everything down concerning WebOS. It’s not in HP’s nature to be so open. It’s interesting to see where the HP vision is going to take the products en OS. I’m gearing up for the worst. Expect no OS updates and even if they do arrive, I won’t be disappointed.


I’m a WebOS developer, and I do have some concerns regarding the advancement of WebOS for the smartphones. There hasn’t been any announcements of new phones to be released, so it is a bit disconcerning. If the WebOS smartphones fade into oblivion, I’ll probably switch to iPhone development (since I don’t like programming in Java for the Android OS). Hopfully, good things will happen after the Palm/HP merger and I can keep creating useful apps for the WebOS smartphones. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

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