Sprint Overdrive Gets Firmware Update


There’s a firmware update for the Sprint (s s) Overdrive that addresses some common complaints from some owners. Version 2.06.06 can be downloaded and installed directly from the Overdrive and has the following fixes:

  • Improves device stability, eliminating all known freeze-ups and lock-ups.
  • WiFi enhancements to improve WiFi stability and eliminate disconnects and crashes.
  • Significant improvements in 3G and 4G WAN stability.
  • Some improvement (~10%) in overall batter life and battery life in poor coverage.
  • Faster boot-up time (~10-20 seconds faster).
  • Improved response time when changing the WAN mode setting with no reboot required. Eliminates need for a device reset when changing modes such as “4G preferred” to “4G only”, “4G preferred” to “3G only”, etc.
  • Faster response time after canceling an operation in the Advanced Settings screen (no device reset required and offline time decreased by ~90 seconds).
  • Added additional 4G channels for future growth.

My Overdrive has been relatively trouble-free but I will appreciate the improvement in battery life and the faster boot time.

To get started updating the Overdrive visit http://overdrive from any browser on a computer connected to the Overdrive via Wi-Fi. Just check for updates and it will lead you through the update process. Those not comfortable with this update procedure can download it from the link above and apply it manually using instructions on that site.

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Bill Sanders

Thanks! Very helpful. My only real complaint with the Overdrive is that it eats through batteries. I carry two extras and can still only get 6 hours of service. I’m hoping this helps.




I’ve had more WiFi issues since the firmware update. Anyone else having issues with the WiFi since the update?

If I’m connected via WiFi and it acts up, I can’t access to the device config page or get out to the net. If I’m not connected to the Overdrive, it won’t let me connect to the WiFi. In both cases I have to power cycle the device to regain connectivity.

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