Simpleview: An HTML5 Simplenote Client for Android


I’m a big fan of the super-fast note-taking combination of Notational Velocity on my Mac plus Simplenote on my iPhone (s aapl). But how do I access my notes from elsewhere? From, say, an Android (s goog) phone? Developer Tom Isnam has solved that problem by coming up with an HTML5 client app for Simplenote.

The app polls for changes to your notes and keeps them in local storage, so it’s fast, and uses caching, so should work if your phone is offline. Note that the client is read-only — you can’t add or edit notes using it.

Important: Read Isnam’s notes about Simpleview. As it’s a personal project there are potential security concerns about its implementation; if they bother you, don’t use it.

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Anthony Russo

I’m a big fan of Evernote myself. It lets you take and recover notes on pretty much any device and is the most popular note taking service on the web. Plenty of guides and reviews on it with a quick Google search. Is there a reason this does not fit your needs?

Anthony Russo
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Evernote does not permit offline access to your notes without paying a hefty fee.

Simplenotes fees are reasonable by far.
Evernote is one of the best examples of “vendor lock” get data into Evernote is easy, getting it out…. not so much.
Evernote does not support linux.
Simplenotes does work on linux.
Simplenote syncs plain text files that will always be compatible with ….. everything.

Evernote is a honey trap … a very sexy lady that is after your money, and she’s gonna get it too, every last penny

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