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Our First Video Show: Green Overdrive Is a GO!

We’re very excited to present our new video show, Green Overdrive, brought to you by GigaOM TV and Earth2Tech. If it’s green, we’ll drive it. Each week we’ll test out a different eco-friendly vehicle — whether it’s the latest electric car, plug-in motorcycle, or biofuel-filled bus — and bring you our impressions as well as interviews with the companies.

We’re kicking things off with the first three episodes, where we drive Zero Motorcycle’s electric dirt bike, the Chevy Volt, and Ultra Motor’s A2B electric bicycle. Since we’re just starting out, we’d love your feedback or suggestions on what we should drive next, just add them into the comments. So far I’ve learned that a 150-lb electric motorcycle can hit a squirrel at 40 mph and not topple over (that really happened). The green transportation revolution is here and we’re gonna drive it.

Zero Motorcycles

The Chevy Volt

Ultra Motor’s A2B Electric Bicycle

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35 Responses to “Our First Video Show: Green Overdrive Is a GO!”

  1. Awesome! I have requests for your next test drive…
    1. ZAP!
    Zapino, Zebra ZapTruck, stuff that’s already on the road… and if you can, the Alias. This company is bringing out an SUV taxi EV with a range of 180 miles in Asia.
    2. Phoenix Motorcars SUV with Lithium Titanate batteries, supposed to roll out this year.
    3. BRAMMO Enertia Powercycles full speed street legal electric motorcycle

  2. Love the Zero Cycle, price? That’s the limiting factor on all of this. Look at the price tag on the Chevy Volt,the average person will not be buying this. Bring on the electric Tata! Ah, politics.

  3. Mark Chapmon

    I like that you’re showing us the concept {coming soon, I promise} vehicles. I too would like an opinion on the likes and dislikes from the people doing the test driving.

    As for what I’d like to see next…. A Myers Motors DuO. I’d also love it if they’d let you drive it far enough on a regular road to verify vehicle range. The charge gauge at less than half on the Volt after 7 miles (if that’s what I really heard) doesn’t speak very well for the car.

  4. Hello there !
    While we’re waiting for ways to share the episodes with friends, I’m looking for a dedicated website for the show. Such a place could provide a real experience with the show and so help users engage with your show. The blog form unfortunately doesn’t bring value to the awesome job you did.

  5. Before you read my comments, realize that starts are always rough. My comments are to point out where you need to improve.

    First video didn’t provide really any meaningful information. How much does the bike cost? How long does it take to recharge the batteries from empty to full? How much would doing so cost? How far can you go on a single charge? Where are they selling them? Are they connected into any dealer network? Is it for sale only on the net? What? Also, remember first rule of TV and movies. Show, don’t tell. Two talking heads is boring. You don’t need the designer to talk that much. Have the reporter narrate as we see the bike do what she is talking about at that moment.

    Second video, same problems as before but this time we got to watch a bit of fast-paced annoying shots that conveyed very little information before another episode of two talking heads. Oddly, the video would gum up. Visual freeze and voice slow down. Stopping and clicking on the timebar corrected that but that should be looked into. Listen to the guy when he’s talking with the trunk open and when the two of them are driving around in the car. This is why you mic people. Also, if your interviewee has a frog in his throat, stop the interview, let him clear it, and then do it again.

    Third video starts off with another example why you mic your people. It then gives another example with the first episode of talking heads. With both this video and the second one, you have got to make up your mind to whom the interviewee speaks. The reporter or the camera. Don’t alternate between both.

    Overall, the videos looked and felt like they were done by a high school news reporters. You might want to do dry runs before going further. See which approach works best. Cut your teeth where no one can see you. Good luck.

  6. The videos are great but please don’t set the music level above the voice level. I get my volume adjusted for the music and then I have to raise it for the voice. I shouldn’t have to do that. Thanks.

  7. I have an Ultra Motor A2B bike that I got last year and still use regularly. Though not ideal in rain or snow, I content that otherwise, it is the best transportation in Manhattan. You can always get ahead of traffic and even get through red lights, which scooters can not do. Also scooters can not go on bike paths or across ped bridges. The only drawback is that its pretty darn heavy.

    • Chris Albrecht

      Hi Alice,

      Thanks for the note. We are currently building out our video initiatives across the GigaOM Network and we don’t as yet have the ability to link to an individual video. Be on the lookout for some very cool stuff from us in the coming weeks that should rectify that.

  8. Great first couple videos…think they could benefit from a little more opinion though…What did the user like about it? Didn’t like? Comparison to other electric cars, bikes, etc…That’s one thing I think GigaOm is great at – having a diversity of opinions and would like that to come through in the videos. Pretty cool stuff though!

  9. Going to check iTunes, right now.

    I presume folks at GigaOm are bright enough to sort out subscription opportunities via iTunes ROTB. And an HD version – so it looks good on the living room TV.