Our First Video Show: Green Overdrive Is a GO!

We’re very excited to present our new video show, Green Overdrive, brought to you by GigaOM TV and Earth2Tech. If it’s green, we’ll drive it. Each week we’ll test out a different eco-friendly vehicle — whether it’s the latest electric car, plug-in motorcycle, or biofuel-filled bus — and bring you our impressions as well as interviews with the companies.

We’re kicking things off with the first three episodes, where we drive Zero Motorcycle’s electric dirt bike, the Chevy Volt, and Ultra Motor’s A2B electric bicycle. Since we’re just starting out, we’d love your feedback or suggestions on what we should drive next, just add them into the comments. So far I’ve learned that a 150-lb electric motorcycle can hit a squirrel at 40 mph and not topple over (that really happened). The green transportation revolution is here and we’re gonna drive it.

Zero Motorcycles


The Chevy Volt


Ultra Motor’s A2B Electric Bicycle


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