Atimi – How to Successfully Market Your Mobile App


One of the most common mistakes companies make in developing an app, whether for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry devices, is the failure to create a broader marketing strategy. Without one, apps will go unnoticed in app stores or on the web. At Atimi Software Inc., app development integrates a marketing strategy that includes both traditional marketing and media outreach. Reaching out to the media to have your app written up or reviewed is not only a great way to gain publicity, but also a means to gain valuable feedback on the app.

Targeting your app to a specific demographic is also a key part of Atimi’s app development process. All too often the targeted demographics are too large. Given the level of competition in app stores, funds should be spent with a concise focus until the user base is large enough to further expand.

However, creating a marketing plan is only one (albeit a large one) aspect of marketing an app. Users are quick to make a decision in an app store, so having a compelling app icon will ensure your app stands out and isn’t confused with competitors. Moreover, screenshots in iTunes are another important opportunity for marketing. Whether the images describe the app or displays the app in action, consider the screenshots as another valuable marketing opportunity: use only the best. Atimi understands that app development is a significant investment, and that funds should be allocated to market the app using some of the outlined strategies.

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