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World Cup Mobile TV May Miss The Goal

The BBC and London 2012 are planning to make mobile a significant feature of the Olympics in two years’ times. Until then, will this summer’s World Cup be a significant stepping stone? Not likely…

Orange has released a ridiculous piece of marketing, fully expecting a watershed for mobile live TV consumption. It’s a download-and-print, self-assembly sun visor that shields mobiles from sun glare, the idea goes, whilst watching a live match.

One Response to “World Cup Mobile TV May Miss The Goal”

  1. I am going to be working during most of the World Cup so unless I throw a sickie I would be missing the 12.30 and 3pm kick offs! That was until I discovered that mobile TV network Yamgo is streaming every game live on their service. I like thousands of others who must work during the tournament and can’t make it to the pub can enjoy all the action as it happens. Take a look yourselves Thanks Yamgo!!