Stats: How Online Video Watching Is Changing

Two reports out today suggest big shifts in how people are interacting with online video content:

eMarketer says that while online video watching overall continues to increase, streaming and downloading of full-length content — like movies and shows — is increasing at a much faster rate. In fact, the research firm says the percentage of people who watched full-length movies online doubled over the last year.

— Meanwhile, a report in the WSJ suggests people are watching more web content during “prime time.” The WSJ cites a number of video sites, including Revision3,, and, which all say people are either now watching more online videos at night than during the day — or that evening viewing is increasing at a faster clip than daytime watching.

What does it all mean? Both trends indicate that people may be substituting TV watching for online video watching, which has obvious implications for the long-term health of the TV industry (NewTeeVee notes that the old consensus was that online video watching would be complimentary).

In the shorter-term, the changes seem to bode well for platforms like Google (NSDQ: GOOG) TV, which promises to make it easy to watch web content on the big screen in the living room.