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Video: Jaleel White Says Fake It Til You Make It

These days, I don’t get too interested when someone from the mainstream entertainment world makes a web series. I get interested when they make a second one. That’s what brought me to the set of Fake It Til You Make It in March, as the series was created by Jaleel White, a Family Matters alumni who previously starred in the MWG Entertainment web series Road to the Altar.

The series premiered on Hulu today and I’ll have a review for the show later this week, but below please enjoy some insight from the set about the making of the Hollywood-set comedy, including director Todd Pellegrino discussing whether or not a condom joke in a to-be-shot scene works and White modeling the vast quantities of Ed Hardy-esque bling worn by his character.

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5 Responses to “Video: Jaleel White Says Fake It Til You Make It

  1. Hello Jaleel,
    I wanted to drop you a not to let you know that my son Tyler loved you on family matters. He had cancer and was 11 when he passed.He could copy your character and your phrases so well. He watched you in the hospital and at home and he pulled his pants up and wore big glasses to make us laugh he wanted Steve doll and ended up with three of them lol.Thank you for making my son happy in his most sickest days we love you for that.Good luck with your new web show.