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Vid-Biz: Apple’s FaceTime, VCast on Android, Discovery 3-D

Apple Has Lofty Goal for FaceTime Video Chat With an Open Standard; getting an open standard will mean not only talking to standards bodies, but also persuading industry powerhouses like Cisco, Microsoft and Google to get behind them. (ComputerWorld)

Verizon’s Droid Phones Do Video; Verizon Wireless’ VCast Video service — with more than 230 full-length programs from 40 content partners — is now available on the carrier’s family of Google Android-based smartphones. (Multichannel News)

Discovery’s Cosgrove to Head Up New 3-D TV Joint Venture; the long-time Discovery Communications exec will head up the new 24/7, 3-D TV network the company is launching with Sony and IMAX. (paidContent)

DirecTV DVR Upgrade Freezes Set-Tops; an update DirecTV applied to customer DVRs to enable a new multiroom feature has resulted in numerous complaints of set-top boxes either not responding or constantly rebooting. (Multichannel News)

Online Clip Shows Don’t Work; clip shows on the Internet — such as NBC’s Dot Comedy, Jim Kirk’s The Clip Show and Yahoo’s The 9 — are prone to fail. (TubeFilter)

Tremor Media CEO: We Have the Scale of Large Cable Network; shortly after raising an additional $40 million in venture funds, New York-based online video ad network Tremor Media is seeing advertisers begin to ink seven-figure ad deals in online video. (Beet.TV)

Magnify Revamps Its Pro Platform; the video curation startup launched a new level of service called Free/Basic and is automatically upgrading all free customers to a month-long free trial of its new bundled PRO services. (Magnify blog)

Safari & QuickTime Are Not Web Standards; LongTail Video’s Jeroen Wijering says Apple’s HTML5 showcase is misleading and potentially detrimental to the landscape of web development and browser compatibilities. (LongTail Video blog)

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    re: Apple Facetime, Does anyone out there know that 3g mobile has an inclusive video-chat facility that’s been available since its inception, and been available to consumers around the world for more than 6 years?

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    Shakir Razak