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Android, Linux get Large File Handling With Tuxera exFAT

Mobile video is getting more mainstream, especially with smartphones appearing that can record HD video. One downside to these large files is the inability for filesystems to deal with them. FAT, the common file handling system from Microsoft, has limits on individual file sizes that restricts the use of large HD video files. Tuxera  has developed the exFAT file system which can handle large files with ease. The company has quietly released a version of the exFAT system that is compatible with both Android and Linux.

Tuxera has licensed the appropriate technology from Microsoft so companies deploying exFAT are entitled to use the technology enabled by the filesystem. The company has not named any partners who have licensed the technology for Android, but it is likely we will see exFAT on Android devices down the road.

“The wait is over. I am thrilled to tell everyone we now have the world’s first exFAT implementation for Android. Thanks to our latest innovations and strong relationship with Microsoft, we can guarantee blazingly fast performance for flash drives and energy efficient consumer electronics,” said Mikko Välimäki, Tuxera CEO. “Tuxera’s exFAT for Android is not just the first to market, but it is also built on a very portable codebase that we will strive to make the de facto standard.”

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7 Responses to “Android, Linux get Large File Handling With Tuxera exFAT”

  1. Scotty

    Well there you go, another iPhone 4 vs EVO 4G comparison.

    iPhone 4 edits entire video, EVO 4G edits video in FAT32 sized pieces. :-)

    Didn’t HTC just cross license with Microsoft? I hope they’ve got exFAT coming for the EVO pretty quick.

    • bjtheone

      Given that the file size limit is 4 GB on FAT I can’t see this being a huge issue… I have a decent digital video camera and most of my clips are not that big. Especially the quick bits I want to send to friends of my 18 month old being cute… no one (well no one sane) is going to try and film a movie on a phone camera.

      Given the limitation of many mail systems I already tend to record in a lower resolution if I know I am going to be sending it to a bunch of people. This is the main use I have for the video capability of my smart phone.

      Plus I can’t see trying to edit a 4GB or worse off even larger video file on the phone.

  2. Andy B

    FFS guys, it’s time to move on.

    Hasn’t anyone considered that FAT32 is a frickin stupid idea in the first place. I mean the obvious problems here are that it’s a Microsoft patent nightmare, along with the fact it’s 15 years old now!

    Here’s an idea… how about we create a new filesystem which would work on Linux, Mac and even gasp Windows. Make it BSD licensed and patent free, and then get all the manufacturers to use it. I guess I can dream ;)