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Photo Gallery: WWDC Line Forms 12 Hours Before Event

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Apple events tend to bring out the giddy-kid-on-Christmas-eve feeling in many of us, and the lines that start at these events reflect that.

Here in San Francisco, the WWDC line started no earlier than 6:30PM last night…over 15 hours before the event starts. By 10PM last night there were over 20 people in line, and by 4AM this morning, the line started wrapping around the building.

Below are some photos from the action, and by “action” we mean “people standing around.” Enjoy.

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10 Responses to “Photo Gallery: WWDC Line Forms 12 Hours Before Event”

  1. Harry

    I dont get it, I have a Mac Book and I use it for my day to day activities, but standing in line for a conference which you can view online much better, and wasting 13 hours of sleep?

    I think its stupid.

  2. It’s funny cause I’m sitting here at 7AM in San Francisco eating my cereal and thinking, “what whackos!”

    Then I remember that I got in line at midnight from Macworld 2004-2009 without fail. Ha! It’s awesome being a Mac user. Some of my best friends I met in a keynote line outside of Moscone.

  3. I have never been to WWDC, but I would have thought that everyone who paid the conference fee would be able to participate in the keynote.

    Are there not enough seats for everyone or are these people waiting in line over night to get a good seat?

    Just curious, and I may be one of them next year:-)


      • Awesome! Thank you!

        I love the excitement around Apple, its products, and these events. Personally I am 3,000 miles away and glued to the live bloggs:-)

        Happy Keynote to everyone!


    • I was wondering that as well! Store events i understood because if youre at the back of the line you wont get what you came for, but if you got a ticket for this it would be a real kick in the pants not to get in?

      And good seats are fine but surely front row is reserved for big wigs or something?