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@ WWDC: The Latest Numbers On The iPad And Apple’s App Store

Apple’s Steve Jobs, complete with jeans and black mock turtle neck, came on stage to give the WWDC keynote.

First, iPad updates:
— Sold 2 million iPads in the first 59 days (one every 3 seconds).
— 8500 native iPad apps in the store and they’ve been downloaded 35 million times (17 per iPad).
— iBooks: In first 65 days, users downloaded 5 million books — 2.5 books per iPad.
— Marketshare: Five of six biggest book publishers say the share of eBooks is 22 percent of all ebook sales in 8 weeks.
— New features: You can now highlight text in iBooks, and take notes. You can also now bookmark pages. You can also now view and read PDFs.

App Store update:
–There’s now more than 225,000 applications and five billion downloads.
–Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has paid developers more than $1 billion to date through the 70 percent share.
–15,000 apps are submitted every week, and 95 percent are approved in seven days.
–Three new apps coming: Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) streaming, Zynga’s Farmville game and Guitar Hero from Activision.