Redundant Regional Editor: Newspapers Getting Crushed By Their Own Weight


The editor of Trinity Mirror’s Birmingham Post was amongst 40 to take redundancy in October, going on to set up his own business news site for the region.

In a speech he’s due to deliver to West Midlands’ CBI this Thursday, Marc Reeves paints a frank assessment of why the news biz is in trouble: “But don



The problem with “adapting” is the huge gap between what is, and where you want it to be.
In the online world, most money is still spent on search. So the future is less about creating great content – a resource that is already in oversupply – but in modulating and packaging that content to add value.
If you were a news organisation starting from scratch today, your shopping list would not, I imagine, include print presses, pension plans, vehicle fleets, etc. If you own these things already, maybe you are already in a different industry…see for more posts…


We’ll always want news content but its a case of who will fund it and how. Some journalists are switching to digital content to help firms send PR messages direct, others are setting up news sites online with paid for advertising – some struggle on to keep standards high with half the staff.

This isn’t carping from the sidelines, it’s suggesting big changes need to be made before the cash cow is milked dry and regional papers are replaced.

All have fantastic local branding a new blog or online service would not be able to replicate, but without the strategic online vision and capital to change in the same way the nationals are changing. The old adage is adapt or die. Let’s hope its the former.


So, what did Marc do about it when he was in the industry? Reduce the Birmingham Post to the bare bones and test the loyalty of even the most loyal reader? What a career. Easy to carp from the sidelines isn’t it?


Raping the bottom line? Newspaper industry in partiular? Bring on the subs…

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