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iPhone 4 UK: On Usual Suspects, No Prices Yet, O2 Upgrades

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The first Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) phone not to have an exclusive UK carrier from launch, iPhone 4 will launch there, at the same time as the U.S., on the same three UK carriers as the current 3GS model.

— O2, which carried the 3G and 3GS as exclusives until Orange and Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) got a look-in on the latter last year, is taking registrations for interest.

— Orange released only a short statement confirming its carriage.

— Vodafone has not yet issued a statement, but has reportedly confirmed it anyway.

Update: T-Mobile, which hasn’t carried previous iPhones, says it will carry iPhone 4. Unclear if this is via its Orange merger or independently.

— Carphone Warehouse will be selling the phone on contracts from all three.

— Apple’s taking its notification registrations for June 15 pre-order and June availability, just like in the U.S.

O2 says it will offer “a limited time special upgrade offer” to its existing in-contract customers. But there’s no price for this, nor yet any price for the handset generally, which will cost $199 (16Gb) and $299 (32Gb) in the U.S.

No longer having an exclusive on the handset, O2’s announcement resorts to trumpeting its “unique history in supporting the iPhone in the UK over the past three years” and “three years

4 Responses to “iPhone 4 UK: On Usual Suspects, No Prices Yet, O2 Upgrades”

  1. Yep, so I read. Colour me surprised. I can’t yet find any concrete evidence that the Orange and T-mobile networks have been merged. The companies have merged but I want proof that T-mobile have inherited the superior coverage that Orange can supply.

  2. A T-mobile loyalty man promised me (back in February) the 4th Gen iPhone would be on their network when it was announced. He also promised that the t-mobile and orange networks would be one as well.

    I have a feeling he would have said anything to get me to re-sign in the interim, promising I could upgrade without breaking my contract when the time came. I take his words with a pinch of salt. Still, at least I can use his lies as a way to get of of my contract.