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Apple Avoids iPhone-Like Trademark Battle Thanks To Cisco, FaceTime Deals

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Updated: Apple’s decision to rename its iPhone operating system “iOS” once again has it using a trademark owned by Cisco Systems (NSDQ: CSCO) — but this time the two companies won’t be fighting over it. Cisco, which has called its network infrastructure software “IOS” for more than a decade, tells us it has licensed the trademark to Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). Separately, Apple has retained the rights to use the *FaceTime* name for its new video chat service from that trademark’s previous owner, *FaceTime* Communications — which says on its site that it has transferred the trademark to Apple and will be changing the name of its company.

The deals mean Apple can avoid the type of legal battle that followed its announcement of the iPhone in January 2007. The day after Apple announced the phone, Cisco sued the company saying it had owned the iPhone trademark since 2000. The two companies ultimately settled the dispute, with Apple getting the rights to use the name in exchange for exploring wide-ranging “interoperability” between the companies’ products.

One Response to “Apple Avoids iPhone-Like Trademark Battle Thanks To Cisco, FaceTime Deals”

  1. JohnDoey

    Cisco’s claim to the iPhone name was very tenuous anyway. They never shipped a product called iPhone, they bought a product called iPhone and promptly renamed it, 2 years before Apple shipped iPhone. Too much was made of it at the time.