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A Look At How Android Is Giving Apple A Run For Its Money

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Tricia is at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week. Follow her ongoing coverage and read up on past news here.

It’s widely believed that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) will announce its latest iPhone tomorrow, but with dozens of new handsets flooding the market, the smartphone-maker will have to announce something special to make it outshine all the others.

Google’s Android is in the best position to make Apple push the limits. Through a bevy of handset makers, Android can offer a variety of phones that will make it difficult for Apple to beat with just one hardware release a year. While it is hard to ever go wrong with an iPhone, Android offers a ton of alternative form factors, price points and carriers: Sprint (NYSE: S) has released the first 4G phone on Android; T-Mobile has a new competitive Android phone with a slide-out keyboard; the HTC Incredible sold by Verizon has been flying off store shelves; and even Google’s Nexus One still boasts some of the latest hardware. Not to mention new Android phones from Samsung and LG (SEO: 066570) coming later this summer.

To evaluate the competition Apple is facing, we are providing both a rundown of the top smartphone makers in the U.S. and the latest Android phones currently on sale in the market. See both after the jump, and then check back in with us tomorrow for full coverage of Apple’s WWDC opening keynote by Steve Jobs.

Market share: While Android’s market share is gaining among smartphones in the U.S., Apple and RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) still have a sizable lead. RIM’s in first place with 35 percent of the market; Apple is in second with 28 percent; Windows Mobile is in third with 19 percent, and Android is in fourth with 9 percent, according to new research released by Nielsen. However, the market dynamic is changing quickly. In the first quarter, Android and iPhone

4 Responses to “A Look At How Android Is Giving Apple A Run For Its Money”

  1. freakylocz14

    BRAD said:
    “The only reason people don’t get one is they don’t have AT&T or can’t afford it.”

    This is also nonsense because most top Android phone cost the same as the new iPhone 4 ($199 for 16 GB). For example, the HTC Evo 4G goes for $199 and so does the HTC Droid Incredible. T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G Slide goes for $179. Also I would like point out an error. Sprint unlimited plan costs $69.99 per month on all phones but Evo adds an additional $10. Still $79.99 beats AT&T and Verizons plans and is on-par with T-Mobile’s. The iPhone 4 is not 4G like we all hoped, plus it also has an inferior camera on the front and the back, it requires you to be on Wi-Fi to use video chat and only works with fellow iPhone 4 owners while the Evo works over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi and can communicate with any webcam device (mobile or computer) except an iPhone 4 owner needs a third party app. Also, don’t get me started on the “You’re holding it wrong!” fail.

  2. I like Adrian Comment! Not just that MS is coming the Windows Phone 7 with the HTC HD3 version 1.5ghz snapdragon made by HTC and possible with Keyboard. I check on Qualcomm and they do have that 1.5ghz snapdragron ready and also read some news media from Taiwan source and they do have the specification for the HD3 for MS Windows Phone 7 as well. Competition will be 4 big major company against each other such as Google ANDROID, Apple OSx, Microsoft Mobile Windows, Blackberry RIM. To sum up the future plan; MS is very strong cause MS have the Live xbox and Zune HD. MS is putting Zune HD and live Xbox on the windows phone as well. So to speak the future is very hard to tell who is going to be a big winner. At the moment in the market right now; I think the Droid is the winner base on the EVO most powerful hardware, even if the apple 4g is coming out is still can not compare to the EVO because of it 8mp camera and hdmi output.

  3. Adrian

    BRAD said:
    “The only reason people don’t get one is they don’t have AT&T or can’t afford it.”

    The above comment is absolutely nonsense. People don’t get one because they prefer other phones like the Android, the Blackberry, Nokia or simply don’t care for AT&T’s service. I have owned both the original iPhone, and later the iPhone 3GS. I later switched to an Android based phones and have never looked back. Android based phones are not for the faint hearted because new Android phones are coming out at a much faster pace than the iPhone. It seems every month there are new and better Android phones being introduced. I have been jumping from one carrier to another since the iPhone. After ditching the iPhone 3GS, I went with the Motorola DROID, followed by the Nexus One, and now a proud owner of the HTC EVO 4G, a 4.3″ screen Android phone with dual-camera. You can see it here:

    That is not all. There are more phones coming out this summer. A giant 5″ screen phone from Dell, a dual-core processor phone from HTC. People think that iPhone is the only game in town. That may well be true in 2007 and 2008. That is no longer the case in 2009 onwards. Competition within Android is great for iPhone fans because this will put great pressure for Apple to come out with something better to keep pace with Android. I think once a year innovation from Apple will be a very difficult challenge. Compare this with Android: about once a month or more innovation from multiple companies like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

  4. I have owned several smart phones, flip phones, and even the orgional motorolla cell phone that only had an amber color display. After a few hours after purchasing my iphone 3g, I realized I will never purchase a different style phone ever. This iphone is the best phone on the plant period! The only reason people don’t get one is they don’t have AT&T or can’t afford it.