Weekend Poll: What Will You Do If YouTube Loses The Viacom Lawsuit?


When we posted this week about the YouTube creators who had banded together to file an amicus brief in support of YouTube in its current legal battle with Viacom, our comments section was flooded with messages backing up the creators and YouTube itself. “YouTube has changed my life” was a common theme.

But let’s think worst-case scenario — especially given that Viacom has its supporters as well — for today’s weekend poll. Key to the argument being made by the “Sideshow Coalition” is that YouTube’s success — and its positive impact on its users — is due primarily to the fact that it is not accountable for what its users upload. If that were to change, YouTube would undoubtedly place tighter restrictions on its content. So here’s what we want to know: What would you do if YouTube were to lose the Viacom suit and was forced to change how it operated?

Feel free to expand on your answer in the comments!

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