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Photo Gallery: Apple Prepares Moscone for WWDC 2010

Apple (s aapl), once again, will be using San Francisco’s Moscone West conference hall for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference which kicks off Monday with Steve Jobs conducting his popular keynote to developers and press. We’ll be covering the keynote live. WWDC 2010 sold out in a record time this year and Apple is expected to release a brand new iPhone among other rumored announcements.

I stopped by after work on Friday to snap a few photos of Moscone West receiving the finishing touches of the giant three-story tall Apple logo and snap photos of banners hanging inside the conference center. Unfortunately, there were no exposed banners of any unannounced products and instead I could see promos for iAds, folders and mult-tasking which are all features Apple has announced will be a part of iPhone OS 4 that is rumored to ship at WWDC or shortly after with the new iPhone. The two banners on Moscone’s 1st level did contain previously unannounced news that Apple has sold its four billionth app on the app store and they now have over 200,000 apps available for the popular iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Check out the full set on Flickr.

8 Responses to “Photo Gallery: Apple Prepares Moscone for WWDC 2010”

  1. Any idea if iphone OS 4 will be released when apple head back to the office? I remember OS 3 being announced very soon after WWDC but cant remember what happened

    • I’m sure they’ll make it available after the keynote, especially so that developers can start playing with the final version. If not, then at least sometime soon after WWDC… I’m just speculating with good ol’ intuition, though! :)

  2. Curtis Masemore

    I can’t believe you passed English courses without some reference to Stage Right or Stage Left. (or for that matter, Audience Right or Audience Left). Stage, refers to the position of the actor on the stage; left or right, as the case may be, is his (or her) left or right. Audience right, or the viewer’s position from the audience, is the actor’s Stage Left (or Right).

    And the stage can be divided into nine positions as well: Center Stage is right smack dab in the middle; Center Left is to the actor’s Right if she stands Center Stage; and Center Right is to the Actor’s Left. The actor can also move downstage left or downstage right, which will leave him ready to jump into the Audience’ laps (Downstage is where all rock musicians like to strut). Now if you’re planning a murder or other evil intent, the director usually sends you upstage right or left, to conspire, where the actors and audience can’t figure what you’re up to (unless the soundman mics you with lavalier microphones). All this aforementioned business is called “blocking” and is shouted by the director from the audience, as he moves pieces from place to place (not unlike a game of chess).

    I hope this helps, and just know that when the venue is “theater-in-the round”, or has a “thrust stage”, where the stage comes out in to the audience, all bets are off.

    If you see Jobs before his speech, tell him to “Break a Leg”. And for God’s sake don’t wish him “Good Luck” otherwise, he’ll have to go back into the Green Room and turn round three times. The Stage Gods are very particular and have certain standards and etiquette.

  3. Wow, great pictures! Really looking forward to WWDC ’10. I’m sure Apple has got some interesting surprises up their sleeves this year… Also hoping there’ll be more clarity on recently-announced things like iAds. Read an article on MacRumors about a possible announcement of Xcode 4.0, so I’m hoping that there might be something about that at the keynote tomorrow. I’m bidding my time entering Mac development, just waiting to either upgrade to 10.6 and get the newer Xcode tools, or wait it out to a newer, better-designed Xcode (it currently confuses me).

    Looking forward to your coverage of tomorrow’s event!