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WWDC 2010 Predictions

UPDATE: Be sure to follow our WWDC live coverage of the keynote!

The theme for this year’s WWDC, “The Center of the App Universe,” is all about the iPhone (s aapl). When Steve takes the stage on Monday, we can expect to hear a lot about the next release of iPhone OS and the next generation hardware. But what else can we expect to hear about during the keynote next week?

For Sure

iPhone OS 4.0

I do not expect many surprises beyond what is already listed on the what’s new page but it will be nice to get some more details on the iAd program and Game Center. My money is on a GM release available in the Developer Center later on Tuesday as soon as the keynote is over. The software might be available in an iTunes update on Tuesday as well.

iPhone OS 4.0 for iPad

Steve has already said that it will be available in the fall, but I expect we will hear about the imminent release of developer betas of iPhone OS 4 for iPad. I will go out on a limb and guess that iPhone OS 4 for iPad will be available on CD’s at the event and will appear on the Developer Center sometime next week.

New iPhone Hardware

The fourth generation of the iPhone hardware will not be called the iPhone 4G. No way. It would be too confusing to market a mobile phone as a 4G device when it does not speak 4G wireless protocols (LTE or IMT Advanced). I think it will be called the iPhone HD. That HD moniker is going to be popular this season.

The only big question remaining is to see if Steve brings G.P. up on stage with him to introduce it.


AT&T (s att) already announced that tethering on the iPhone would be available on Tuesday this summer when iPhone OS 4.0 is released. If the software is not available to customers then, it would make AT&T look foolish and incompetent… wait a second.

Apple Design Awards Winners

The winners of this year’s Apple Design Awards for iPhone and iPad apps will surprise no one. Sure, I mean, it will be a surprise and all but there will not be a single app on the list that you have not heard of. I expect a few of the iPad showcase apps from the January event to get a nicely lit cube to take home.


Apple TV

There are quite a few rumors flying that the next Apple TV will be based on the iPhone OS and the A4 processor in the iPad. The idea of running apps on the Apple TV, even with a non-touch, remote control interface, is exciting. Pandora would be amazing. I am a little concerned that the iPad can only do 720p video, so the Apple TV would need a little extra oomph to get to 1080p. If it does 1080p, it will be called the Apple TV HD.

iPod touch

There have been some sightings of the next iPod touch casing that show a camera. We might see an update here, but I would not expect anything until the back to school promotion is over in the fall.

Mac Pro Update

I think we are all ready for new Mac Pro hardware. New six-core Xeons would be amazing. You know, sometimes you just need a big truck to do some heavy lifting.

No Chance

OS X 10.7

This year is all about the iPhone. I think the only mention that 10.7 might get is to remind everyone that they are not going to hear about it this week.

Other U.S. Carriers

So many people want this that I figured I had to put it on the list even though I don’t think it is going to happen in the next week. If you are waiting to get an iPhone on Verizon (s vz), T-Mobile or Sprint (s s) — keep waiting.

App Store Approval Process Q&A with Apple Executives

Hehe. Just having a bit of fun there.

I Can Dream, Can’t I?

Safari Extensions

Gruber dropped a hint the other week that an extension framework for Safari might be coming. Extensions are one of the few things that keep me on Firefox and Chrome. While Safari extensions would certainly be welcome on the desktop, it could also be amazing on the iPhone and the iPad.


I have heard the arguments for Apple to make MobileMe free, but I do not think that will happen. What I am hoping for is a cloud file system that makes sense for the iPhone and iPad.

iTunes Cloud/Lala

It would be nice to hear about a cloud strategy for iTunes, especially if the next Apple TV is primarily a streaming device. Surely that big, fancy, new data center is going to be used for something. That said, I am not holding my breath.

What Do You Want to See?

What are you expecting (or wishing) to hear about next week? Sound off in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out our live coverage of the keynote!

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58 Responses to “WWDC 2010 Predictions”

  1. I would love to see more customization features. I believe I speak for many when I say that i would pay a small premium for downloadable themes on the app store. It’s a gigantic money pot that apple hast dabbled in for some reason. Time to let up on the reigns a little bit apple.

  2. Sasha

    I am holding my breath for the possible release of the ipod touch with a camera…i’ve been waiting forever for it! i hope Apple and Steve Jobs do not let me down!

  3. A consolidation of the ipod-iphone lines would seem a step forward for me, though not a good one commercially. Am not a fan of the current iPhones as they’ve so far seemed comprimised by size and performance. Would be chuffed to see a smaller product e.g. “iPhone mini/nano” which fitted in your pocket, as a mid range line. Sandwiched between a smaller ipod line and the current ‘chunky’ model with all the bells and whistles. And ditch the many other incarnations of ipod which all seem to overlap and create a fussy brand/product proposition.

  4. At the this point I want an iPhone on Verizon, so all the people complaining about AT&T can leave for Verizon, making AT&T’s horrible service better :-)

    Apple TV 1080p would be really cool at $99.

    World peace and end to hunger!

  5. Mr. jaiprakash ahlawat

    I am hoping that a world i phone will be announced which can work on any
    service carriers….

    A Camera on i pod touch is on my wish list….

    Let us keep guessing for the world best gadgets…

  6. Aquaman

    Totally agree with Carrie above me somewhere. Having the ability to store videos separate from the main drive is a must with the drive options Apple provides. 500GB doesn’t cut it if you’ve got 10 HD videos and a few thousand songs. I think this might have something to do with Lala and the huge server farm. If we don’t see Apple announce something about it Monday, it will definitely make and appearance come September.

  7. I think a free MobileMe is a strong possibility. Apple isn’t making buckets of money, and offering it for free would keep a lot of people away from using Google products.

    A competitor to Google Docs that really competes would be wonderful.

    A Lala/iTunes product/update is likely, and something I would love to see. I hope they have a flan to compete with Frobo, or iPhone could die a quick and horrible death.

    I think we will possibly see a major change to the iPod lineup this week.

    Steve Jobs coming out of the closet? C’mon, the turtlenecks are a dead giveaway.

  8. Sean J.

    I would say FREE Mobile Me. This would create more of a customer base since right now it cost $99/ year. It would also work great for ipad, iphone, and macs alike.

  9. Adam Jackson

    I think it’s safe to consider the MacBook Air over any other piece of hardware. It’s a great selling device that appeals to on the go users like me. I just sold my 2.13Ghz Rev. C MBA in anticipation for WWDC so it’ll be disappointing if that isn’t refreshed.

    Core i5 w/ 256GB SSD and an improved GPU would be welcome addition to the MBA and if a new IPS display is put in there, I’ll be one happy geek!

    • Relwal

      Really? I don’t get the impression that the MacBook Air sells very well based on the fact that they are readily available for deep discounts on the Apple refurb site.

  10. Twist

    I find the rumors about the Apple TV to be intriguing and I hope they prove to be real. The Apple TV has never really appealed to me, but the idea of a set top box with access to an App Store is awesome. It could be a killer product if Apple does three things.

    1: 1080p video of course. This would probably require them going with a different chip set than what is in the iPad but that is no big deal since this would be a non-portable device and power usage isn’t that big of a concern.

    2: A real universal remote instead of that stupid little thing they have now. Even if it was an optional purchase this is a must have.

    3: An optional and official Apple branded controller for video games which would give Apple a great excuse to fire up their photocopiers for a change because Microsoft already has one of the best designed controllers ever with the Xbox 360’s controller. And it really has to be official and Apple branded otherwise developers will mostly ignore it.

  11. I want to see an iPhone/iPod with 16:9 display with wireless connection to any screen of my choosing (say, watch a movie on a 60″ screen streamed wirelessly from the device over at a friend’s house where I want to “share” the movie with him by watching it with him). It should also offer biometric access so if I leave it lying around in a bar somebody has to steal a part of my body to unlock it.

  12. Tethering SOFTWARE is already there, even since iPhone OS 3. The carrier must support it and that’s what AT&T will finally do — but European carriers (such as mine) all provide it and there’s no problem with tethering over iPhone 3G w/ OS3.

    • Christopher Michael Nice

      I already do that on my mini, you just have to change the setting in iTunes advanced settings not to copy, and then drag your media in from their current locations. Just make sure the external is plugged in when you launch iTunes or it will default back to the internal.

  13. I would like to see the Apple HDTV (television) with Apple TV HD built in and maybe Blue-Ray built in. The sometimes beautiful HDTVs are too often cluttered with several ugly, mis-matched boxes. If Apple could put together an Apple television that would clean up the TV space and be controlled by iPhone or iPad I think it would be a hit. Art on the wall w/o clutter, who could do it better tha Apple?

  14. @frats

    AMEN TO THAT!!! so many iPhones out there with the same Message Tone. The tritone is the only bearable stock one and what do you know everyone uses that one too. I had to jailbreak mine to change it.

  15. Rick P.

    I don’t usually get sucked into this sort of thing, but hey, it’s Friday, I’m having a cold drink and the weekend is just about here, so here goes:

    iPhone OS 4.0 – I’m on the beta and it’s great. There are not too many gaps left to fill in my mind, but I can’t claim to be looking at this from everyones perspective. There’s a bunch of stuff that it can do with multitasking that clearly Apple will not approve for the App Store. What I mean by that is that the capabilities are far greater than the narrow examples Steve covered in the keynote on 4.0, but Apple just isn’t going to approve those use cases, so I don’t expect any revelations there.

    The gaps that I do see, that could easily be filled by “surprises” on Monday:

    1. As someone else mentioned, iCal invites / events could use some love.

    2. The lock screen needs some kind of way to show what messages are waiting. e.g. what Apps have badges and/or a timeline of notifications. It would make sense to be able to review that list/screen once you unlock the phone too.

    3. Some facility for widgets. Recent App Store activity suggests this might come true, along with their omission (Weather, Stocks etc) from the iPad. Personally, I’m not so interested in them. Maybe this will be 4G only, if the memory capacity of that device is greater than the 3GS.

    4. Plenty of evidence suggests Video Chat should make an appearance, if only for the 4G. Will we get access to the API though?

    5. Wireless sync with iTunes. I hate the fact I can’t do this. I only really need it on Wi-Fi. Or maybe we’ll get more than this. It’s about time our media just sync’d seamlessly across all our Apple devices/Macs. Or we get the “Cloud”

    iPhone 4G – Seems like plenty has been uncovered. Did anyone mention 802.11n? I don’t recall, but if the iPad has it… and that would give enough bandwidth for wireless iTunes sync, no?

    iPad OS 4.0 (4.1?) – Surely this will be brought forward. I find my iPad old-fashioned, what with quitting apps and stuff, already.

  16. Vincent
    • A free basic mobile me (with no big storage) is a MUST. This is the way things are. Apple can support it for with Ads if needed.

    • iChat with Video will be there as well. A good move will be to make it RCS compatible so it will open up not only iPhone devices and that would really mean ‘open’

    • Any iPod touch or Music related annoucement will wait until September

    • No Apple TV…that would be a specific event. And I expect Apple to get into the market with a TV itself, not a set-top box

    • Maybe a price cut on the iPhone.

    …with regards to names…I think it will be called iPhone. No HD, no 4G. Look at the iPod history of names.

    • Additional updates: MacBook Air, Mac Pros and Mac Mini
      • Free MobileMe – possible, but Apple has been reluctant to do “free” stuff for a while
      • Video chat is definitely on the list of things we have heard about for iPhone OS 4.0. Introducing the API at WWDC would be welcome news.
      • Agree on the iPod touch
      • Apple TV will be announced if it is based on iPhone OS because that could mean developers could write apps for it. Pandora on Apple TV, mmmmm.
      • Price cuts – maybe, if they keep an 8GB or 16GB 3GS in the lineup
      • Names – you mean like the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod touch? It’s a guess, but I’m sticking with iPhone HD.
    • DrWho

      “No Apple TV…that would be a specific event. And I expect Apple to get into the market with a TV itself, not a set-top box”

      Not a chance of that, they would have to compete with all the other tv manufacturers or persuade them to embed it in their own tv. Then you have to wait for people to replace their existing HD TVs in order to get market penetration and finally the cost for entry would be way more than $99 so it would not be a discretionary item to most people.

  17. John Sargent

    Plz, Plz, let me send and receive ical invites/change ical events and synch back to my Imac, from my iPhone, cant understand why this is still not here

  18. Josh H.

    At this point, I just want a VZW iPhone. That’s not gonna happen for a while. I’m giving up. Going with a different smartphone. Android or Palm.