Taking the Temperature of Amazon Web Services: It's Hot!


Amazon Web Services (s AMZN) launched its storage and compute clouds in 2006. It was the first source of on-demand pay-by-the-instance computing available and it has ended up at the forefront of the cloud computing trend. A post today at Elastician attempts to discover how hot Amazon’s services are based on the number of postings and participants in the forums for individual AWS products.

The results show that EC2, Amazon’s cloud computing product, is by far the runaway success, with the most developers talking about it and the most complicated operations running on it. Amazon’s S3 storage platform, and Virtual Private Cloud also got the forums talking. When it comes to complexity Mechanical Turk, the service that connects you with cheap labor, had the next most involved APIs running on it.

Other services measured were Amazon’s Cloud Front content delivery network, its Relational Database Service and Simple DB service. Overall, the results show that of the web services measured, the cloud computing–related products were most popular. For more info and awesome graphs, check out Mitch Garnaat’s post. You could also come to Structure 2010 this month in San Francisco to see Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels give a talk on the State of the Cloud. Maybe he’ll share some direct data, instead of stuff scraped from forum sites.

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Frederic Guarino

Amazon Web Services has a dismal, utterly dismal customer support policy. It took them 24 HOURS to acknowledge their hardware had fried on us, which caused a server crash on our system, 1 hour before our TechCrunch Disrupt demo. Fortunately, we had a backup infrastructure…

I will never ever trust Amazon for anything other than delivering goods via UPS…..

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