Google Adding WebM Support to Chrome


Google (s GOOG) first introduced its WebM Project a few weeks ago at its I/O developers conference, launching the royalty free, open source video format with support from Firefox and Opera web browsers. But notably missing from the list of supporting applications was Google’s own Chrome web browser.

Well, Google is finally looking to change that, adding WebM support to the latest developers build of Chrome, which can be downloaded here.

With the latest version of the browser, users can view WebM video from sites like YouTube, which have already rolled out support for the new video format. To check out videos on YouTube, you must first opt-in to view videos in the HTML5 beta player. Once that’s done, you can access WebM videos by doing a search and adding &webm=1 to the end of the URL. (Full instructions here.)

It’s important to note that YouTube is one of the only sites taking advantage of WebM encoding right now — but that’s ok, because there aren’t any stable browser builds that currently support the video format. WebM support is available through a developers builds of the Opera and Firefox browsers, as well as Google’s Chromium open source browser. Stable releases of these browsers, with built-in WebM support, are expected later this year.

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