Ziff Davis’ Sale: A History In Links


Ziff Davis’ sale today ends a saga, which started nearly three-and-a-half years ago when the troubled media company first tried to sell itself. It later offloaded just its enterprise unit and ultimately filed for bankruptcy protection, which it emerged from two years ago. A recap of the recent history, in reverse chronological order:

Time Inc. Digital Vet Vivek Shah, Great Hill Partners Acquire Ziff Davis

Cosmic: IDG and Ziff Davis Tie Up

— <a href="http://paidcontent.org/article/419-ziff-davis-ceo-extremetech-wont-shut-down-after-all/" title="Ziff Davis CEO: ExtremeTech Won



Was it Shakespeare or Softbank’s Masayoshi Son who said, “What’s in a name?” Ever since Softbank
split the Ziff Davis empire into pieces, the brand has now become so blurred I don’t know why someone wouldn’t just try and pour money into a new media group—there’s no real brand loyalty out there for ZD now after all of the sales, implosions and spin-offs. I’d change the name quickly if I sunk some cash into Ziff, and use the employees and resources to launch a newly christened tech media company.
The folks who run Ziff Davis Enterprise trashed any branding or personality their splintered version of Ziff had to offer—remember Spencer Katt? They should have changed the parent company name, too.
The target audience for this content has never fully grasped that ZDNet, Ziff Davis Media and Ziff Davis Enterprise are all separate companies, totally unrelated to each other, like alternate universes in some head hurting sci-fi saga.

Rafat Ali

this is only recent past, robin, after it got split from Ziff Davis Enterprise. of course we know, robin.


Kind of a short history – ignores the many, famous sales of the print Ziff-Davis — the birth of ZDNet and its sale, etc.

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