Travel Site Trazzler Reveals Its Backers: Case, Williams, Dorsey, Others

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Back in December, travel startup Trazzler told us it had raised $750,000 from an “all-star team of angel investors” — but wouldn’t say who they were. CEO Adam Rugel now tells us the names and “all-star” they are. That cash, along with funding the company has subsequently raised, came from AOL (NYSE: AOL) co-founder Steve Case, Betaworks, Founder Collective, Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey, serial angel investor Ron Conway and AOL Ventures, among others.

The site features short recommendations of things to do in cities around the world contributed by users and also freelancers. Users can “save” trips they like — information Trazzler then uses to make personalized recommendations.

It’s one of several online travel guides that have raised cash over the last year. Rugel’s explanation of how Trazzler is different: “Unlike other new travel sites, Trazzler has no intention of being the next Trip Advisor, Yelp for Travel, or group buying for travel. We are not a generalist. Our focus is smart, meaningful travel, starting with trips close to home.”


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