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MeFeedia: Let Us Handle Your HTML5 Analytics

MeFeedia, the Burbank, Calif.-based video search and advertising startup, is offering analytics capabilities to publishers that want to be able to track videos delivered via HTML5, for free. With the rollout of its new analytics suite for HTML5 video, customers can now track engagement metrics across the web and a number of mobile devices, including Apple’s (s AAPL) iPad and those built atop Google Android (s GOOG).

The new offering sorts metrics into sections, including Summary, Recent, Popular, Devices, Videos and Channels, each of which allows users to either drill down for granular data of individual videos or view aggregate data for all the videos in a library. Data can also be broken out by web address so that publishers with multiple video sites can view them individually, and all graphs can be exported for easy sharing. And the entire interface is built on HTML5, so it can be viewed on the iPad or other devices that don’t support Adobe (s ADBE) Flash.

MeFeedia’s HTML5 analytics are available through the company’s All Player video ad platform. The startup was one of the first to announce support for HTML5 video advertising when the Apple iPad was launched, and is now extending its capabilities to track key metrics for videos watched on the device, including view-through rates, time watched and video impressions. In addition to web and mobile devices, MeFeedia’s analytics are available for web TV platforms such as the upcoming Google TV devices.

As iPad users tend to watch much more video than typical web users, companies like CBS (s CBS) have aggressive plans to support HTML5 video to capture that audience. Bu publishers often lack the tools necessary to track or monetize those videos delivered via HTML5, a problem that MeFeedia hopes to solve.

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