Email Files to Your Pogoplug

The Pogoplug, a nifty little gadget that turns any USB drive into a personal storage locker accessible over the Internet, has received an update that’s particularly useful for web workers: You can now email files to your device, and preview documents stored on it through

To email files to your Pogoplug, just attach them to an email and send it to [email protected] The service already authenticates users by email address, so no additional steps are required. The update to means that you can now preview a whole host of document types (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint (s msft) and PDF (s adbe)) within the Pogoplug web app, without having to download them and open them up in a separate program.

Many people find it hard to trust their critical files to cloud services. These workflow-focused updates add to the Pogoplug’s credentials as an easy-to-implement cloud storage alternative: It provides the benefits of working in the cloud — the ability to access your files from anywhere and to share them with others — while still maintaining absolute control over where your data is stored. (And if you want to learn more about the cloud, check out Structure, our cloud computing conference).

Have a Pogoplug? Let us know how it fits into your workflow in the comments.

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