@ D8: Mark Zuckerberg’s Top Kill Fail

Mark Zuckerberg at D8

In the cold light of day, Mark Zuckerberg’s squirming on the D8 hot seat doesn’t look any more successful than it did last night. This latest privacy uproar is the Facebook equivalent of BP’s leak and Zuckerberg’s top kill failed. Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher gave him points for showing up — and so do I — but he had multiple chances to use the opportunity and never hit it. PR pros I talked to here last night were mystified, attendees were still talking this morning about the sweating (especially those watching on big screens) and the inability to answer tough questions with straight answers although he did apologize for actions when he was a student. My live Twitter coverage is here. Below you can watch much of it for yourself, including the “unboxing” when Kara talked Zuckerberg out of his hoodie.


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