Viliv X10 Tablet With Android Spied at Computex


Korean firm Viliv knows a thing or two about making tablets, they’ve been producing them ranging in size from 5-inches to 10-inch convertible netbook models. I have reviewed most of them and can attest to the build quality they have shown in all of these Windows-based tablets. Laptop Magazine spied a first for Viliv, a 10-inch tablet running Android. The X10 looks to be similar to the S10 Blade I reviewed, if you removed the keyboard part of the equation. Laptop Mag shows the x10 in action running Android 2.1, but point out that Viliv promises it will ship with Froyo.

The X10 uses the same high-resolution 10-inch screen I fell in love with on the S10. It runs 1366×768 which is a decent resolution for that size. Laptop Magazine states the X10 screen is a capacitive multitouch display, but I wonder if that is true. The S10 Blade uses a unique resistive multitouch display which means it can be used with a standard stylus.

Take a look at the two videos Laptop Mag is showing if you want to see how good the graphics are on the X10. They show it playing a high-res racing game that looks fantastic without lags. There’s a 720p video playing without hiccup, too.

A model of the X10 was also spied in the Microsoft area running Windows 7, but no details are available regarding a shipping model. There is no word on pricing for the X10 with Android, but I’m sure I can get it out of the folks at Viliv and pass that along.

Image credit: Laptop Magazine

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