Attract Developers to Your Network With Straightforward and Open Rules of Engagement


Situation: You’re a network operator eager to increase revenue beyond subscriber fees. Talented application and content developers are frustrated by the fragmentation, confusion and barriers involved in getting approved by multiple networks.

Solution: Entice developers to your network by creating an open development environment to foster innovation.

The first step to attracting developers is to present a standardized and clearly understood marketplace. Offer:

  • Minimal up-front costs.
  • Straightforward 70-30 rev share in favor of developer.
  • Transparent approval process.

The next step for network providers is to be proactive in fostering a supportive developer community. Suggestions:

  • Join an existing community, create one, or do both.
  • Utilize social networking for community building and support.
  • Find and build relations with super users.
  • Create self-help areas.

Lastly, you’ll want to capitalize on this new environment. So watch for opportunities in the marketplace. Ask yourself:

  • What are customers willing to pay for?
  • Will customers pay for a premium service that would require an enhanced API?
  • Which apps can be built as a freemium model?
  • Which techniques work best to get users to trade up?
  • How do you promote your storefront to users?
  • Can you charge application providers for prime placement on your storefront?
  • Are you collecting business intelligence about users that would be of value to advertisers?

Learn lots more by reading “New rules of engagement to create an attractive mobile application marketplace.” You’ll find more tips on how to differentiate through open innovation.

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