Disney App Brings The Virtual Box Office To Facebook

Disney Tickets Together Facebook App

Disney’s new Facebook application, Tickets Together, represents the company’s latest attempt to bridge e-commerce and social media promotion. The first test of the ticketing app is for the much hyped Toy Story 3. Although the animated film doesn’t open for another two-and-a-half weeks, Facebook members who download the app to buy tickets will also be encouraged to invite friends to make a purchase as well, says the NYT, which noticed that the app first appeared on the social net site on May 26.

The real test won’t come until next week, when many theaters will begin making advance tickets for Toy Story 3 available. As is the case for many e-commerce apps, Facebook doesn’t get a cut of the sales revenues. Instead, the main benefit for the social net is that it gets more visitors and more activity on its site. And if it works, it could help enhance Facebook’s standing as an important marketing platform.

Disney’s partner in the ticketing venture is online ticket booth Fandango, which covers a majority of U.S. theaters. So far, Disney (NYSE: DIS) isn’t saying that other movie releases will be adapted for Tickets Together, as executives wait and see whether it helps drive moviegoers to the theater.

As of Tuesday night, a quick look at the app had tickets available for buying in the New York City area, 14 out of 15 multiplexes has showtimes available.


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