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Gadget of the Day: FlipSync USB Keyring

One of the goals of the mobile worker is to reduce the amount of gear that is carried to get the job done. Accessories that serve more than one purpose are great finds as they provide a reduction in the number of pieces in the gear bag that travel along for the ride. The gadget of the day is such an accessory that is as small as a keyring, which it is, and allows the mobile worker to leave the iPhone/ iPod charger at home.

The FlipSync USB Cable Keyring couldn’t be smaller yet has a USB 2.0 connector hidden in one end of the fob. The other end has the proprietary iPhone/iPod connector that pulls out when needed. It’s as simple as pulling both ends out of the fob and connecting the iPhone/iPod to a USB computer port for both syncing and charging. It’s not cheap at $20 but it is probably the smallest accessory designed to do what it does, and that might be worth it for the serious road warrior.

(via Windows Phone Thoughts)

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8 Responses to “Gadget of the Day: FlipSync USB Keyring”

  1. wekebu

    Apple products don’t use the same usb cable every other cell phone uses? This is so unlike Apple! I guess Steve figured you folks needed to pay more for the convenience of wired connection.

  2. Do you actually have one of these?

    Because I have the mini/microUSB version, and I’m pretty disappointed.

    First of all, the main length is about 2.5 inches. If you’re going to have this attached to a keychain, this isn’t long enough to position your keys in a way that everything fits together. An extra (retractable) 2.5 inches or so would mean all the difference in usability.

    And then secondly, the actual microUSB connector has bulky plastic around it. They should’ve made the connector stick out more from the plastic so that it could fit into devices more comfortably. As an example, because of the bulky plastic, the USB door on my Palm Pre gets in the way. An extended connector that gives an extra couple millimeters of clearance would be much better.

    • Oliver

      It’s a rehash from another blog/site, not a review based on personal experience. Or at least that’s how I’d interpret the “(via …)” at the end.

      So thanks for sharing your personal experience. I can’t quite imagine that I’d hang my iPhone attached to this thing off of a USB port on my Linux workstation at work. Overall seems to be of limited use to me… (purely based on the pics), and overpriced to boot.

      • Yeah, I bought it because I quite frequently like to use my Pre in USB drive mode, but also for times when needing to charge in a confined space, like when on Amtrak, for example.

        In the confined space situation, I most likely have the laptop plugged in already and will also need to keep the phone charged, so the short cable is useful there.

        However, when just needing to connect my Pre to a computer in USB drive mode, the cable inside needs at LEAST double the length. What they should’ve done, which would probably have made the cable much more worth the money, would be to have a retractable cable inside that extended to maybe a foot. As it is now, it’s not nearly as useful as I thought it would be.

  3. Scotty

    Some people may not realize this but on the iPad, and assumedly on the upcoming iPhone OS 4, if you purchase an app like GoodReader that has a documents folder it turns your device into a portable disk drive.

    They’ve allowed you to click cancel on all the “Device is synced with another itunes…” popups and still access the Apps tab’s application data transfer feature. This allows you to put files to/from the device and the computer: so long as the computer has iTunes 9.1.1 on it.

    The intent of course is to transfer files for the application to do something with but you can just park files there to haul them around.

    I recently used this method to share 9GB of data with someone when they forgot their thumb drive but had their iPad 64GB with them.

  4. Oliver

    The first two sentences strike me as strange considering they come from a guy who frequently shows pics of “work outings” with three or four individual gadgets instead of one laptop or netbook ;)

    My key ring already has my car fob, so this clearly isn’t for me. But since you also have to have something around to plug the cable in (think laptop), I think it isn’t a huge burden to put a small charge cable in the laptop bag.

    Bottom line: cute, but not for me.

    • Scotty

      I’ve already been suggesting to Starbucks that when those new U socket AC plugs hit the market (now set for October) that have two 10W USB ports along side two AC outlets that they upgrade their stores.

      Imagine airports installing these? Hotels? Libraries?

      No laptop needed then! And a handy tiny cable would be very useful! :-)