Android This Week: Motorola Still Loves Android; Fring's Video Chat App in Time for EVO 4G

Motorola (s mot) was recently rumored to be looking to produce its own smartphone OS, thus bringing into question the company’s commitment to the Android platform. But CEO Dr. Sanjay Jha addressed those concerns this week by saying that currently, “nearly all of my focus is on Android.” He also committed Motorola to bringing Android 2.2 to all of its phones as quickly as possible, as it’s necessary in order to enable full Flash (s adbe) support. Motorola introduced its first Android phone, the Cliq, at our Mobilize conference last year; it also makes the top-selling Droid for Verizon (s vz).

Next Friday, Sprint (s s) will launch the Android-based EVO 4G, complete with a 4.3-inch screen and integrated 4G. I received a test handset from Sprint this week to review, so have shot a photo tour of it and compared it to two other hot Android phones — the Droid Incredible and the Nexus One.

The EVO is also one of the first phones with a front-facing camera for video chatting, which made the release of Fring’s Android app this week perfectly timed. Fring is a cross-platform chat app that handles IM, VoIP, text chatting and now for the first time on Android — video chatting.