When the iPad Meets Velcro: Video


Politicians love it. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t leave home without it. Super investor John Doerr sneaks it into church and coffee shops use it as a cash register. But imagine the magic when the iPad meets this other great invention of our times, Velcro. Watch this video from Jesse Rosten and find out. As they say…roll the tape!


HTC Lover

Great idea, to some it may look pretty amazing, seing the iPad useful in so many ways. But let’s remember that it still is a battery powered device. After 9-10 hours of picture sliding there will be no more power left and you’ll have to take the iPad off the wall and recharge it.


Uhm, what if the airbags deploy in that car? Steve Jobs creation would come flying towards your face with the power of a hand grenade.


Honda Element – Good choice. Mine mixes well with my iPhone… can’t wait to get my hands on an iPad 3G.


So, for the wall mount, combine the velcro and power-pads.

Tom Baker

Just what the world needs!

Another bunch of people looking at their iPads instead of paying due attention to driving properly.

Some people can’t walk and chew bubble gum while on a walk at the BEST of times. What makes you think they’ll be able to handle glancing at an iPad and driving their motorcycle/automobile any better?


James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

Very clever, but exposing it to things on the stovetop or rain or splashes on the bike, there ends the warranty. Apple, like most companies, does its best to find ways to void the warranty anyway, so even the Velcro on the back probably will not be good.


Too bad you couldn’t watch this video on an iPad.. and the iPad doesn’t have GPS so mounting it in your car is basically not very useful.

Oh and mounting it above your stove makes for a cute video but have fun cleaning the grease off and watching the heat damage it.

Am I a killjoy? Maybe, but face it – half the uses in that video don’t stand up to actual use.

Mike S

Funny, I was able to follow the link to the author’s site and watch it just fine. Maybe you don’t actually have an iPad?

Dike M

Should you know that THIS video is flash, and ipad will not support it.

VStrom 650

Love the motorcycle tank mount !

I usually stick my paper maps with planned routed highlighted to my tank but will look if iPad Navigation will replace.

Garmin should be worried.

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