Top 5 Earth2Tech Stories This Week


We’re starting a recurring lunchtime Friday feature that recaps the top five stories of the week. Cause it’s Friday and it’s summer and while you’re eating your TGIF lazy lunch, you want to remember what happened to the blur that was the past week.

1). The Sleeping Giant Awakes! Cisco Launches First Smart Grid Products: If you care about the smart grid at all, then the fact that Internet networking giant Cisco (s CSCO) launched its first official products for the smart grid was a game changer for you this week. Why? Because it shows that Cisco is actually giving this market as much thought as the CEO has been blustering about (we have an unlimited budget, etc).

2). Why Google’s Android Could Rule Connected Cars: The GigaOM Network (that’s our parent co.) loves us some Android. And here’s a bunch of reasons why Google’s open source mobile operating platform could rule connected cars, too.

3). KiOR: Crunching Millions of Years of Carbonization Into Seconds: Stealthy Khosla-backed company KiOR gave us some details at the Khosla LP meeting this week, where Vinod Khosla announced that former UK PM Tony Blair would be acting as Senior Advisor to Khosla Ventures.

4): Q&A: DOE Loan Chief on Lessons for Greentech Startups, VCs: Our exclusive interview with Jonathan Silver, the former venture capitalist whom the Obama administration tapped to lead the Department of Energy’s highly competitive loan guarantee and green car loan programs.

5). Was the DOE Loan Guarantee for Solyndra a Mistake? In light of President Obama’s visit to Solyndra’s Fremont, Calif-based factory this week, I wondered if the DOE’s $535 million loan guarantee to the company was one big mistake given the startup has one of the highest per watt manufacturing costs around.

Image courtesy of SD Dirk’s photostream.

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